Our Partners

Sabio works with some of the world’s leading brands, agencies, and mobile partners, and we place tremendous value in our relationships. We want you to join us—make our inbox happy by sending a request or question today!



Self Learning Platform

Using the latest in machine learning, our platform adapts to changing conditions to determine the most performant delivery options for your campaigns.

Predictive Engine

Our predictive engine looks at billions of data points to accurately predict the likelihood that user will click on an ad, purchase a product or view your video for every single ad request in real time.  This allows us to prune requests and sites that are not going to give you ROI.  This minimizes your ad spend, maximizes your reach and gives our clients the users they want.


Our team of account managers are responsive, friendly super stars.  We pride ourselves on their ability to deliver quality service so that your needs are met every time.


We provide access to a private marketplace of premium publishers.  You can be assured that we are vigilant about the quality of sites that display your ads.

Automatic Segmentation

Our smart platform analyses your clicks and conversions and informs you about who your users are and let you know which user characteristics are most likely to drive purchases.  Superior insights about your users yield a competitive edge in the market.

Self Serve Portal

You can monitor and control your ad spend through the self serve portal.  This gives you the best of both worlds between our white glove service and self service.